Iordanou Konstantinos.

Undergraduate Student
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Technical University of Crete.

About Konstantinos

Konstantinos was born and raised in the city of Eleusis, Greece. He finished high school and he successfully admitted at the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering in Technical University of Crete.
Now he is studying at TUC and his expected graduation date is February of 2017.His thesis title is "Impementation of Mutual Information and Transfer Entropy Algorithms with FPGA-Based SuperComputer" under the guidance of Prof. Apostolos Dollas. He is IEEE Computer Society member from 2010,IEEE TUC Student Branch member from 2013 and Co-founder of Kaloudia. His academic interests focused on Embedded Systems,Reconfigurable Computing,Digital Design & Computer Architecture.

He lives,works and travels under the influence of music..

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3rd Pass of Karaiskaki
Kounoupidiana, Chania, Crete, Greece

office: 2821-03-7407

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