Konstantinos was born and raised in the city of Eleusis, Greece. He holds a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering in Technical University of Crete. His thesis title was "Implementation of Mutual Information and Transfer Entropy Algorithms with FPGA-Based SuperComputer" under the guidance of Prof. Apostolos Dollas. During the summer of 2017 he headed off to Manchester, UK where he joined as a Research Assistant in the APT group at The University of Manchester and he worked under the guidance of Prof. Mikel Lujan. He is Co-founder of Kaloudia, an electronic platform for publicizing, comparing and selling traditional products from all over Greece. Also he is Angelopoulos - Clinton GIU Fellow during academic year 2014-2015. His academic interests focused on Reconfigurable Computing, Digital Design & Computer Architecture.
He lives, works and travels under the influence of music..

What do the following have in common: Beatles' tunes, HP calculators, chocolate chip cookies and Computer Architecture? They are all classics that have stood the test of time.

Robert P. Colwell, Intel lead architect


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