Costas Providakis
Professor and Director of AMELab (Applied Mechanics Lab), TUC, Greece


 Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials (1988)
University of Patras, Greece

B.S. Civil Engineering (1983)
University of Patras, Greece

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Project THALIS

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Applied Mechanics Laboratory (A.ME.L.)

School of Architecture

Technical University of Crete

University Campus

Office : 141.B.85, Building of Sciences

GR-73100 Chania, Greece


Phone +30 (28210) 37 637 (office)

Phone +30 (28210) 37 631-632-640 (Lab)

Fax +30 (28210) 37866




 Research Interests

Professor Providakisĺs technical areas of interest include the broad discipline of Mechanics of Materials and Structural Mechanics with emphasis in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); smart sensors; and Nondestructive Testing.

Current research topics include: Innovative Reusable PZT sensors for Integrated Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures, Innovative PZT Sensors for Condition Monitoring of composite steel-concrete bridges and structures; PZT Acoustic Emission Sensors for real time monitoring of early-age concrete strength development and fracture; Development of MEMS based sensors for civil structural systems; PZT Distributed Sensor for Post Seismic Monitoring of Damaged Structures; Monitoring the state of repaired and Strengthened of concrete and metallic structures; Development of smart aggregate (SA) monitoring systems.