Ioannou Nikolaos

Undergraduate Student

Technical University of Crete



Nikolaos was born in 1993 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he was raised. From a young age, he was interested in arts and had a special connection with technology. In high school, he began teaching himself Photoshop & Illustrator, as well as some coding. When he finished high school in 2011, he was succesfully admitted to the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete where he is currently an undergraduate. His passions are programming, web & game development, image manipulation and design as well as riding bikes, hiking and reading.

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Game developed in WebGL from scratch by reading basic tutorials, during the course of Graphics.
It received a perfect grade(10/10).
This course/project is what mostly motivated me to get into Game Development and later start working with Unity, as a part of developing my skills.

Game developed in Unity Game Engine from scratch for Global Game Jam. Teamates were Nikolaos Babaliaris and Tzanis Fotakis.
Game's Global Game Jam webpage:

Website designed and developed from scratch for the purposes of ECESCON 9, the biggest convention in Greece for Electrical & Computer Engineering Students.

Website designed and developed for the IEEE TUC Student Branch.

My image manipulations & designs' portfolio. A bit inactive these days but plenty of stuff to look at.


Feel free to contact me through my facebook page or my email!

Ioannou Nikolaos - 2016