C-NORA Short Description

Although ''transport'' may imply different notions for different scientific fields, the feature of incorporation of interacting system components through which ''information'' is propagated remains invariant. Biological transport systems is an example whose significance has become evident with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 spreading. Blood transport in cardiovascular systems falls also under this category. The urgent need of design of efficient/safe, epidemics spreading suppression and congested blood transport monitoring, strategies is apparent, considering the potential, significant socioeconomic impact. However, the continuum, spatiotemporally-varying nature of such interconnected systems, in addition to dynamic complexity and limited available control authority, hamper development of systematic feedback control design and analysis methodologies. C-NORA aims at introduction of a pioneering holistic framework for systematic, computationally tractable control design and analysis of large-scale, interacting, distributed parameter transport systems, which i) harmonizes control at micro-macro levels, ii) accounts in design for all essential dynamic phenomena, iii) compensates adverse effects of limited control authority in design, and iv) develops ad hoc tools for system-specific analysis. C-NORA new control design and analysis tools will be demonstrated in distributed parameter, epidemiological/ cardiovascular transport systems and will be validated in numerical simulation.