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Hello there! I am Konstantinos Tountas, a fourth year undergraduate student at the ECE Department in Technical University of Crete. Through my homepage you can stay up-to-date with everything new I come up with.

About me

In 2009, I moved from Athens to the beautiful city of Chania to study Electrical and Computer engineering in TUC. Since my second semester I have been a research assistant at the Telecommunications Laboratory of my ECE department under the guidance of Assistant Professor Aggelos Bletsas and I am an active member of the "Analysis and design of telecom modules" team, conducting research on remotely programmable, low-power, low-cost wireless sensor networks. Moreover I programmed a GUI application for an RFID Reader and an INS (Inertial Navigation System) on a LEGO Mindstorm Robot.



Areas of interest

My primary research interests span the area of wireless communication and networking.

Academic Positions & Research Experience

At Technical University of Crete

Selected Coursework

At Technical University of Crete