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Hello there! I am Konstantinos Tountas, a first year graduate student at the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering in Technical University of Crete. Through my homepage you can stay up-to-date with everything new I come up with.

About me

In 2009, I moved from Athens to the beautiful city of Chania to study Electronic and Computer engineering in Technical University of Crete. Since my second semester I have been a research assistant at the Telecommunications Laboratory of the ECE department. I completed my thesis "Implementation of Frequency Division Multiple Access Digital Backscatter Sensor Network", under the guidance of Associate Professor Aggelos Bletsas, where I constructed a bistatic scatter sensor network using prototype tags, emitters and a software-defined-radio (SDR) receiver. Now I continue my academic studies as a graduate student continuing my work on scatter sensor networks. This is my homepage where you can find information on my current work, research interests, demos etc.

Updates are provided on my personal and collaborative work, plus some related links.


Areas of interest

My primary research interests span the area of wireless communication and networking.